Pandit Shakthi Prasad is the Best Indian Astrologer in MYSORE. He has above 30 years of experience in astrology and is highly proficient to give a permanent solution to various critical issues that often disturbs our day to day life. His astrology service covers almost all the domains of life such as personal, family, professional life and love life.

He has exceptional knowledge and practice in Indian Vedic Astrology, He is Best Indian Astrologer in MYSORE and who offers vast number of astrological services such as

  • Black Magic Removal
  • Evil Spirit Removal
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Vashikaran Expert
  • Get Your Ex Love Back
  • Husband & wife Disputes
  • Love Spells Caster
  • Voodoo Spells
  • Psychic Reading and More..

It is not right to say that only few people in the world have problems and others are living a happy life but the fact is each and every person has problems in their lives where some can share express their feelings and some people cannot. These problems can be related to relationship, career, health, wealth and education are primary areas where every human face problems and to solve these problems one can consider the service.

After availing his services you will be surprised with the outcomes as he has never disappointed his clients. His down to earth attitude is the reason he is known as Top Indian astrologer in MYSORE.

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Kindly email at [email protected]. If you need additional information please feel free to contact on +91 8088685180.

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Pandit Shakthi Prasad offers a huge array of astrological services for your benefit.

  • Things were not working out well between me and my wife. We were constantly fighting over trivial issues. Sometimes, matters took an ugly turn and we would not talk for days. I decided to give a try to Pandit Shakthi Prasad. You would not believe but within a few days, our fights stopped and the love and bonding between us started growing again, all thanks to this astrologer.

    Tony Stark


  • My husband had been cheating on me since a few days and there was no hope. I was so disturbed and thought that life was over for me but then there came this hope in the name of Pandit Shakthi Prasad. I am so happy that I consulted him because he came up with the best solution ever. Today, my husband is all mine and loves me a lot.



  • S . D. Mukherjee

    I loved a girl madly and she also loved me a lot but never admitted. I talked to her several times but she would say nothing. I decided to go in for Vashikaran through a reputed astrologer. I contacted this famous astrologer and went ahead for Vashikaran. Today, that girl is all mine and we are getting married next month, all thanks to Pandit Shakthi Prasad.

    Peter Parker


  • Ashok Kumar Gulati

    My wife is a very active lady but since a few months, she had started keeping unwell as though someone had cast black magic on her. I was quite worried. I did not know what to do. I consulted quite a few astrologers but nothing happened. Then I took her to this astrologer and now she keeps running around the house. I am glad I consulted Pandit Shakthi Prasad.

    Chris Evans


  • Client Image

    I loved a boy and he also loved me. Both of us are well educated and working in MNC’S and were planning to get married. The only problem was that we belonged to different caste and therefore our parents were not accepting our marriage. Somebody recommended Pandit Shakthi Prasad. We immediately contacted him and today we are happily married.

    Namita Ranout